Chris McDonie

VP of Human Resource

VP of Human Resource - Houston TX

Started his career with our Orlando branch after over 20 years of being "in the biz." After a year he was promoted to Human Resource Manager and assisted in opening our Houston location. Chris ranks #1 in the past two years over an other Human Resource Manager in our organization.

Mandale Jackson


CEO - Houston TX   

Has ran businesses in all the big cities: LA, DC, Tampa, Miami and joined our organization in 2014 where he quickly learned our business from the ground up and has been running a successful branch for our lead telecommunication and entertainment division since the end of 2015.

Carla Osborn

Organizational Consultant Administrator

Organizational Consultant Administrator - Memphis, TN She has worked her way up through the company since 2009 from Account Manger to Corporate Trainer to Assistant Partner to Recruiter to Administration to now Organizational Consultant Administrator. If you need to know anything about anything this is the woman to ask. Carla has received numerous awards and recognition for her results multiple times a years since she first started with our organization, including being ranked #2 for the entire year out of 800 other administrators for her results three years in a row.